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On Manifest Desires 

Lifes test are continuous 

With no room for failure 

Survival is the imperative 

And the ultimate measure.

Since there is only one other 

Realistically possible option 

Which to manifest desires

Must be avoided with caution.  -ria

On Energy Levels 

There are days like this 

When the ideas flow 

But the energy levels

Are very very very low. 

And although one tries

Nothing much will happen 

But a focus on thankfulness 

Helps spirits not to dampen. -ria

In The Garden

​In The Garden
They always met this way
And neither ever thought

Much about the consequences

Should they be outrightly caught

Their warm naked bodies

On a blanket in the tall grass

Limbs locked tightly together

Sure that no one would pass

For most of their afternoons

They were lost in intimacy 

Which had for them both

Become an actual necessity 

What started as a picnic

Filled with giggling and chatting 

Had through mutual attraction 

Turned into clandestine meetings 

Their passion was so fierce 

No room could contain it

So they opted for outdoors

Where they needed no restraining

Each daily tryst anticipated 

From where the last one ended

He having found her special spot

Which for both was just splendid 

After each meeting they returned

To their separate normal lives

Until the following afternoon 

When in the garden they arrived
Ria 2017

On Aligning 

If it eventually worked out

There would be no need

To go ahead and implement 

Contingencies to proceed. 

There was risk involved 

But most importantly still

Was to impact ones reality

By aligning intent and will. -ria

On Both Worlds

Some married men soon find

They might need a little more 

The one who gives him extra

Rescues him from the bore. 

This works well for all involved

When each respects their roles

Given the intricate circumstances 

All get the best of both worlds. -ria

Might Falls

Mighty Falls
He would not admit it
But this time around

The ultimate deception 

Of sickness scared him 

For most of his life

He guarded his health

With fine tuned attention 

As far as he knew how

What became his vice

Was the warm feeling 

Of the strong dark rum

Seeping into his veins

It would take off the edge 

And cover the exposed parts

While all tension was released 

Making way for relaxation 

Hard physical labour

And some heavy lifting 

Was to him all the exercise 

His body really required 

The annual medical exams

Taken for his insurance 

Had given no predictions 

Of any impending ailments

Laying on the coarse sheets

If the stiff hospital bed

He regained consciousness 

And sadness overcame him

All his life’s work to date

And all the money he’d made

Was not nearly enough 

To bring him healthfulness 

The visitors that did come 

To see how the mighty falls

Only made him despondent 

With pity barely masking their glee

The doctors said the stroke

Had been nearly fatal

And would require much work 

For basic functions to return

Arriving to an empty house

With a nurse and no rum 

Feeling betrayed by his body

Now hardly useful to him
Ria 2017

On Such Eventualities 

Ever so often it seems

The truth would be told

Forming spaces in between

Where excuses bend and fold. 

It will be cowardly to hide

From such eventualities

Best take the exposure in stride

With its current frequency. -ria

The Premises 

​ The Premises
The stench of rat urine
Got worst when it rained 

While the damp rotted wood

Creaked under the strain

This house wasn’t a home 

But a decrepit rodents nest

Which leaked in every room 

Through sockets it accessed

And when the rent was due

The tenant no longer cared

Since the landlady refused 

To ever maintain and repair

The siege of flying ants came

After a light drizzle late evenings

Lizards were permanent residents

Transpoosing from floor to ceilings 

Termites in the wooden structure 

Had feasted for many generations 

A mesh of faeces behind the paint

Was evidence of their dedication 

Now the neighbors waited to see

Which would finally give in first

Would the premises be vacated

Before the old house turned to dust
Ria 2017

On Any Weather 

He placed his hand on hers

And though she trembled

Pulled her into his embrace 

Since they had both gambled.

Having lost and learned

Holding on now together 

Having faced such storms 

Prepared them for any weather. -ria

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