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Word Craft

Appreciating Fate

Appreciating Fate

The empty wine bottle

Was sitting on the counter

On the floor they lay

With his arm around her 

Still at the front door 

The clothes lay in a heap

While intertwined and naked

They’d both fallen asleep 

He was the first to awaken 

And lay staring at her contently

Trying to seal the sight of her

Firmly into his memory

It was only a few months ago 

They had come to appreciate 

That the life they both shared

Was a result of pure fate

Now she stirred beside him 

Smiling and opening her eyes

Stretching she suggested 

They go watch the sun rise 

Sitting in the hammock 

Swaying in the morning breeze

They waited for the golden orb

To break the day over blue seas
Ria 2017

Each Solution 

​Each Solution
Is this an experiment 
Delving into things

That were previously known 

But never really proven

Will the final results 

Even be clear enough 

To make some judgement

On specific happenings

Since there is no guessing

This last time will be sufficient

To fairly assess all the factors

And gain some perspective 

It could be a type of test 

Where all the correct answers

Which were written in the margins

Have been completely erased

Whatever is discovered 

Since it may actually turn out

That the burden of proof 

Is the apparent responsibility 

Daring even to always seek

The truth in each solution

Is always very challenging 

With all that is evident
Ria 2017

Translucent Powder 

​Translucent Powder 

Hidden beneath the layers 
Of constant pretenses 

Where stagnant opinions

And irrelevant defenses

Regardless of what’s inside

While having the appearance 

Of the acceptable norm

Was what was most relevant

Even though the actual toll

It took was rather heavy

It seemed more difficult 

To fully face up to reality 

Under the translucent powder

Of constantly pulverized dreams

Hope was slowly suffocating 

With no recourse it seemed

Until facing those final moments 

And everything feels so desolate 

While forcing through decisions

Which are necessary when desperate 

Out on the other side of it all

The results tend to always vary

And requires committing to get there

Though the process may be scary
Ria 2017

Trying To Find

​Trying To Find
For the past few weeks
I’ve been asking questions 

Trying to unhinge the door

Leading to a particular direction 

The queries to the universe 

Have answers that vary

Floating around behind

So much that had scared me 

Breaking down the barriers 

I had built up so deep inside

Was revelation of potential 

From which I tried to hide 

The elements of tenderness 

That helps to nurture progress

Had been one imperative 

From which I did digress

Many of the intricate places

Where my life tends to lead

Will only open up these eyes 

To what love alone reveals

Everything surrounding that

Has had me very absent lately

I’ve just been trying to find back

The faith I once had in me
Ria 2017

Trial & Error

Trial & Error

According to the few

Past experiences he recalled 

There are those which always

Would leave him appalled 

Having seen the possibility 

Of what comes to fruition 

With the sole imperative 

Found in driving ambition 

The tools at his disposal 

Present new opportunities 

Which only seemed obvious 

After much deeper scrutiny 

Each step in the process 

Having a rare familiarity 

Like a taunting memory

Returning with more clarity

This time would be different 

Since a way had been made

All the trial and error past

Leaving him quiet unafraid 

But what caused the outrage

Was allowing a broken soul

To taint his previous efforts 

And distract from goals 
Ria 2017


There are consequences 

Which seem inevitable 

And whatever the results

It won’t prove redeemable 

All is not totally lost

When what is to be reaped

After crossing certain paths

Flings things into the deep

Every version actually leads

Through very similar  cycles 

Alternating between levels 

Of discipline and desires

Any possible reaction now

Has its equal and opposite 

Where reasons are so inspiring 

Few clearly can ever resist it

There are just rewards 

That might demand patience 

Which aids the transition 

Into being more persistent 

Habits are deeply embedded 

More than can be justified 

And each that is outgrown 

Will be broken if we tried
Ria 2017


Out in the margins 

Are scribbled reminders

To highlight the areas 

We’re meant to be kinder

Some phrases underlined 

To recall with more ease

The depth of their meaning

With which our heart agrees

Never folding the corners

Too many pages to bend

With words so revitalizing 

To recall and comprehend 

While in the footnotes

Are jotted explanations

Of how goodness comes

In it’s many variations 

Reading between the lines

Reveals the deeper mystery

Which had been so elusive 

Through all the intensity 

Now no sorry epitaph

Will remain in its wake

As the page soon turns

What imagination creates
Ria 2017


The level of intensity 
Does vary over time

It’s fluctuations so impactful 

On the sharp edges of the mind

In the midst of the waves

Crashing into our shores 

Riding the rough high tide

Strengthens deep in the core

While out there in the future

Where the arrival is witnessed 

All evidence of the struggles 

May not travel the distance 

What indeed is noticeable 

When it changes so much

Is the message and mode

Of all that life will now touch

And in those calm moments

The foamy surf caress the sand

Allowing for deserving relaxation  

That will not last for very long

Since the sheer magnitude 

Of the potency that develops 

Can only be clear to organisms

With an eye for the rebellious 
Ria 2017

Best Man

​Best Man
He never had solutions
But had become efficient 

At pointing out to highlight 

Just what was deficient 

Looking at his own reflection 

With black eye and busted lip

The thought crossed his mind 

He had made too much slip 

What he’d first considered 

Was part of being a friend 

Had clearly been taken

As an act of aggression 

She didn’t want to hear

All the sordid details

Of what being a bachelor 

For her husband had entailed 

And although he’d been

A commendable best man

He seemed bent on destroying 

The trust she had in her husband 

That’s what had caused the fight

They had been friends for ages

But ever since the engagement 

He’d become passive aggressive 

Being the reason behind squabbles

That in looking back were unnecessary 

By the time we actually realized

It happened  too many times already

This time around however 

Made it clear without a doubt

That he was the type of friend 

Her husband had grew out 
Ria 2017

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