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Things I Say

On Life’s Sweetness 

It was beginning to feel

Like a hopeless cycle

Right up to the very point 

That he found this miracle .

And nothing that happened 

Before this for him occurred

Seemed at all relevant now

That life’s sweetness mattered. -ria


On Their Love

He’d use both hands

Gently holding her face,

While kissing her softly

He melted in her embrace. 

It was not a goodbye 

Since they rarely ever parted

Either absent only briefly 

Since their love affair started. -ria

On What Remains 

Now the unbreakable bond 

Linking some destined hearts

Under the mound of things

That could tear all else apart.

Was still strong and holding

Together what it must

Connected to a future time 

While what remains adjusts. -ria

On Potential 

Under the weight of it

Braced in the middle 

To enhance the balance 

Without the trembling.

Always pushing upward

Into the unknown regions

Of our greatest potential 

That’ll be worth remembering. -ria

On Nothing To Hide

It was risky behavior 

But he didn’t really care

They had both been honest

Before she invited him there.

He was patient and protective

While she waited to decide

If he was actually so sincere 

That she’d have nothing to hide. -ria

On Just Recalling 

When the days are hot

And the nights are short

He thinks of her often. 

Not in an obsessive way

But just recalling yet again

The finer details of last time. 

She had been the very first 

And possibly a good reason 

For his renewed enthusiasm. -ria

On Loving Surrender 

He had his hooks in her

She did not try to escape 

But adjusted within instead 

In order to create space.

The place where they joined 

Would always be tender

And much more delicate

Was their loving surrender.  -ria

On Meaningful Things 

She never liked small talk

And preferred conversations 

Which required taking the route

Of least frivolous interactions. 

There were meaningful things

That hearts and minds will hide

Behind the very decayed facade

Covering variations of pride. -ria

On Every Little Thing 

The general idea right now

Is to implement proper plans

So that before things change

There would be preparations.

Since it would be very late

To begin amidst the drought

Trying to fix every little thing 

That could have been sorted out.  -ria

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