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Things I Say

On Obvious & Oblivious 

He learned slowly but surely

That there were variations 

To her angles and degrees 

Which colored each dimension.

She was not  simply plain 

And predictably obvious 

He indeed knew her a little 

But was mostly oblivious. -ria

On Last Week 

This past week has been

Trying to say the least

Having found myself 

In the belly of the beast.

It has been so exhausting 

Maintaining a positive attitude 

Leaving me with barely a modicum 

Of energy and mental fortitude. -ria

On More Blissful 

At the end of the hall

Was their private room

Down the short passage

Just past the little pool.

When they went inside

And locked the doors

It was always more blissful

That they could’ve hope for. -ria

On Too Much 

He felt the need to withdraw

Always finding himself lately

Needing her very presence

And it bothered him slightly.

Loving her too much

Made him feel vulnerable 

But he’d finally found a heart

To which his was compatible. 

And the way she made him feel

Nothing at all was comparable. -ria

On The Half

Today is impossible 

For those who give up

But if you’re going to try

Keep your head held high.

Using whatever you have 

Knowing that the half

To get closer to your goals

Will never ever be told. -ria

On Manifest Desires 

Lifes test are continuous 

With no room for failure 

Survival is the imperative 

And the ultimate measure.

Since there is only one other 

Realistically possible option 

Which to manifest desires

Must be avoided with caution.  -ria

On Energy Levels 

There are days like this 

When the ideas flow 

But the energy levels

Are very very very low. 

And although one tries

Nothing much will happen 

But a focus on thankfulness 

Helps spirits not to dampen. -ria

On Aligning 

If it eventually worked out

There would be no need

To go ahead and implement 

Contingencies to proceed. 

There was risk involved 

But most importantly still

Was to impact ones reality

By aligning intent and will. -ria

On Both Worlds

Some married men soon find

They might need a little more 

The one who gives him extra

Rescues him from the bore. 

This works well for all involved

When each respects their roles

Given the intricate circumstances 

All get the best of both worlds. -ria

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