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Things I Say

On Ambition

Perhaps it would be

In one’s best interest 

To know  the right time 

And true state of fitness. 

Since the undertaking 

For pursuing ambition

Demands a consistent 

And dedicated condition.  -ria

On Vulnerable Borders 

With deliberate actions

The steps were taken

For some basic defences

To be broken into fractions.

Allowing for the penetration 

Beyond vulnerable borders

Bringing to the forefront 

The fruits of concentration. -ria

On Hope Filled Spaces 

In the middle of the love 

Where their souls connected

Was a shining so bright

Of the special energy reflected.

Even out in the distance 

Their union was illuminating

The vast hope filled spaces

That compatibility kept creating. -ria

On The Right

At her peak she had found

That with the right partner 

The possibilities were endless 

And compatibility tremendous.

What did pass between them

Words could hardly express 

The complexity of the chemistry 

And degrees of their intensity. -ria

On Seeking Light 

When I cannot find time

To write what I will

It strangely begins to feel

As though time stood still. 

While submerged beneath

Crashing torrents of life

Where no words can express 

My darkness seeking light. -ria

On An Occasion 

Doing the right thing 

Is the simplest choice

Making the decision 

Is not always nice. 

Still it has never been

Worth doing otherwise 

When doing right leads 

To an occasion to rise. -ria

On The Foundation 

It’s deeply entrenched 

No need trying to resist 

Issues so intertwined 

Into reasons one exists. 

Seeking any justification 

Might go against beliefs

Which forms the foundation 

From which we seek relief.  -ria

On Sediments 

Simply passing through 

Each necessary experience 

Filters out the other things

Separating the sediments.

Amongst the bits of residue 

Are matters that can’t remain 

And must be totally discarded 

To allow for inevitable change. -ria

On The Optimal 

To be more reasonable 

Serves its purpose well

And being more mindful

On what thoughts dwell. 

For it is prudent at least

To have a steady focus

On the optimal destinations

Where dreams will take us. -ria

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