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Jamaica Love

Piece Of Beach


Piece of Beach

The average citizen
Has little or no access
To the best of our coast,
And pristine beaches.

There used to be free
White sand, sun, and sea, Continue reading “Piece Of Beach”


Jamaica – Superstitions


Jamaica – Superstitions


Many people have them, in some way, shape or form. One, or a few, or too many superstitions that run through our minds in certain instances. Jamaica has its fair share of superstitions mostly relating to luck, birth or death. I’ll spare you the long rambling intro and share a few with you. Continue reading “Jamaica – Superstitions”

Jamaica – Slang’s

Waa Gwaan

Jamaica – Slang’s 


It’s been a while since I added some Jamaican flavor, so I thought I’d share some of our slang’s with you.  With measured tone and inflection, Jamaicans colorful expressions never fail to convey exactly what is meant. Our slang’s have been brought far and wide. There are the older ones which are world renowned, such as ‘Irie’ Continue reading “Jamaica – Slang’s”

Jamaica : A Few Facts

Ja Owl

Jamaica : A Few Facts

Little Jamaica is internationally known for one reason or another. There are the sports fans who know that Usain Bolt, speed and all is Jamaican. The music lovers know about Bob Marley and Reggae.  The vacationers know the great spots between Rick’s Café in Negril, and Frenchman’s Cove in Portland.  The food lovers know the jerk, spicy and savory varieties.

I’m just going to get right into this one Continue reading “Jamaica : A Few Facts”

Jamaica : Irie Christmas

jolly jamaican flag

Jamaica : Irie Christmas


Christmas in Jamaica is no ordinary experience. The people seem happier and kinder and more excited about life. It’s celebrated in many ways, altered to individual liking, some meanings forgotten but most of the traditions have survived. Let me introduce you to a few traditions which you may or may not already know that make up Jamaican Christmas celebrations. – Continue reading “Jamaica : Irie Christmas”

Jamaica: 3 Sayings Explained


Jamaica: 3 Sayings Explained

Our Jamaican sayings (proverbs) have been passed on for generations. Used for praise or to admonish, to encourage or to warn, to criticize or to comfort. They explained things and made them clear and memorable in a language and on terms which we could always relate.

Let me share 3 with you that I found by Proud Jamaicans  – Continue reading “Jamaica: 3 Sayings Explained”

Jamaica: School Daze – 7 Highlights

school daze

Jamaica: School Daze – 7 Highlights


This is ridiculous I’m thinking,

standing at the school gate.

Yes I know that I am late,

But I left home at 6 a.m.

The metro bus broke down.

Although I’m here and devotions just began

I am being locked out until the break at 10

And miss three whole sessions

Of the morning lessons being taught. Continue reading “Jamaica: School Daze – 7 Highlights”

Jamaica – PJ’s Letter to David

jamaica flag map

I am a woman. I am of African descent. I hope to live long enough to see where the conversation might lead. Continue reading “Jamaica – PJ’s Letter to David”

Jamaica – National Dish Option


Jamaica – National Dish Option

Jamaica’s national dish (ackee and saltfish) was named in National Geographic’s top 10 national dishes. I eat ackee (not saltfish) occasionally now as an adult, having had to endure our national dish every Sunday morning as a child. My mother, like many Jamaicans, love ackee and saltfish but indulged too often for my liking. Continue reading “Jamaica – National Dish Option”

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