Greetings, I’m Ria from Montego Bay, Jamaica and I’ve spent so much time venting that starting a blog seemed like the next natural step.

I enjoy making craft accessories, taking photographs, writing poems, quotes, and venting using a list. This blog is intended to share these things that I enjoy with a broader audience. Imagine, creative perspectives by way of Jamaican country girl.

About the craft accessories: I make unique handmade one-of-kind accessories under the name koko boocro. My main elements are coconut, bamboo and crochet, accented with beads, cord and fabric. I share them here so that readers give me some feedback and share them with their friends.

About the writing: Writing has always been therapeutic, the poetry since childhood and the quotes, well, since facebook. I’m no pro but I enjoy taking photos, and in Jamaica the options are endless. I hope my post can spark conversations with anyone curious enough to venture.

I don’t know the first thing about blogging but I am here to share and ready to learn. I hope my blog makes you feel some sorta way. Blessed Love