​Best Man
He never had solutions
But had become efficient 

At pointing out to highlight 

Just what was deficient 

Looking at his own reflection 

With black eye and busted lip

The thought crossed his mind 

He had made too much slip 

What he’d first considered 

Was part of being a friend 

Had clearly been taken

As an act of aggression 

She didn’t want to hear

All the sordid details

Of what being a bachelor 

For her husband had entailed 

And although he’d been

A commendable best man

He seemed bent on destroying 

The trust she had in her husband 

That’s what had caused the fight

They had been friends for ages

But ever since the engagement 

He’d become passive aggressive 

Being the reason behind squabbles

That in looking back were unnecessary 

By the time we actually realized

It happened  too many times already

This time around however 

Made it clear without a doubt

That he was the type of friend 

Her husband had grew out 
Ria 2017