​In The Garden
They always met this way
And neither ever thought

Much about the consequences

Should they be outrightly caught

Their warm naked bodies

On a blanket in the tall grass

Limbs locked tightly together

Sure that no one would pass

For most of their afternoons

They were lost in intimacy 

Which had for them both

Become an actual necessity 

What started as a picnic

Filled with giggling and chatting 

Had through mutual attraction 

Turned into clandestine meetings 

Their passion was so fierce 

No room could contain it

So they opted for outdoors

Where they needed no restraining

Each daily tryst anticipated 

From where the last one ended

He having found her special spot

Which for both was just splendid 

After each meeting they returned

To their separate normal lives

Until the following afternoon 

When in the garden they arrived
Ria 2017