I dreamt about a train
That I’m not to be on

Going fast down a hill

Into an unknown place

I woke up feeling anxious

With my thoughts on speed

And how much it’s changed

With my present urgencies

There is no slowing down 

Since whenever I relax

And take time for granted

I forget promises to myself 

It all seemed so splendid 

Before the high pedestal

That all my expectations 

Were perched on toppled

Now adrift from the center

I began to feel the dream

Was really just symbolic 

Of my own personal pace

Which by all given means

Requires facing certain issues 

And not placing any blame

With so much to be done

Because if anyone asked

I know that I would deny

Whatever I felt necessary 

So the journey ended well

And staying on the right track

In preparation for the incline

Which only seemed inevitable 

To follow through at this speed

Should in my sleep again

I’m on another speeding train

I’ll try not to be overrun 

By this much over thinking 
Ria 2017