​Auto Expulsion 
The subtle caution

Before getting excited 

Spoke volumes of experiences 

With prior disappointments

Clearly it was ego

That would be so sure

With current information 

Stating what the odds were

Being in touch with reality 

And doing relevant research 

Should have been the course 

Of necessary action taken

That would explain the anxiety 

In the face of such enthusiasm 

Was more of a logical response 

Than all the unfounded hope

To even think for a moment 

That the risk of illness is greater 

Than the possibility of death

Speaks volumes in this situation 

The decision that was made

In the act of such auto expulsion 

Were for reasons greater

Than any answers that existed 

What it will definitely reveal 

Is the purest truth of it all

In the responses and reactions 

To that which really miscarried
Ria 2017