​Comes & Goes
On days when it comes
It submerges completely 

Within its very depths

Forced holding of breath

Eyes bulging wide open

In the mercurial darkness

While groping its passages

As the fear slowly increases

Still stumbling along silently

Wanting constantly to scream

But no sound can ever escape 

Which would possibly articulate 

During those dark moments 

Singularity is made clear

In the most central region 

Of uttermost separation 

On days when it goes

And the deluge subsides

Just before the beginning 

Of the final fatal undoing

The receding inundation 

Takes place rather slowly 

Filling tight stifling spaces

With delightful absorbances

And the weight that’s moved

Makes enough adjustments 

For the emergence of smiles

To carry on for many miles

Along the dried paths reformed

Stretching across  the bridge

Guiding all ultimate direction 

Within the natural connection 
Ria 2017