Since the rebirth of goodness

Invoked by a rebellious nature 

Which was often reconstructive 

Where love was more conducive 

When lines had to be segmented

While stepping back to observe

The demarcations it had created 

Where feelings were misstated

In the middle of what was 

An upheaval in the very existence 

And an unhinging loneliness

That played on every weakness 

Having left behind the emptiness 

Which after so many tiring years 

Had long ago morphed into a shell

Encasing nothing but a practiced hell

Caught in the web of habit

One indication of doubt again

Aroused those archaic familiar fears

Of possibilities that may disappear 


Caught yet again in the act

And refocused possible energy

On the mammoth metamorphosis 

Through which life must transit

With marked changes emerging

And a renewed source circulating 

That blurred any such dividing line 

Where a potent mixture recombined
Ria 2017