When they had finally left her

She rose up off the floor

Knowing she had to get away

So they wouldn’t beat her more

At first she was seated

Then standing on the chair

Saw the dusty closet top

And pulled myself up there

The space was small between 

And her knees touched the top

Knocking out the vent grill

The carpet muffled its drop

Squeezing into the crawlspace 

Narrow against her shoulders

The farther in she crawled 

Was the more it got colder

After a hundred meters in

She’d found it difficult 

Around the final corner

The vent started sloping up

Bracing against two walls

Inching up the small space

At the top the sharp edges

Were tricky to safely grasp

Inside the filthy hot attic

She didn’t waste any more time

Kicked a hole through the roof

And let in the setting sunlight 

Being out their on the very top

Never made her feel more free

Still all that climbing was evidence 

She’d be all that she could be

Heading towards the fire escape 

As soon as her feet hit the ground 

She walked off and blended in

Knowing she’d never again be found 

After being locked in that house

Held prisoner for countless days

She was never good at climbing 

But it had helped her get away
Ria 2017