Friendships End
Endings are rarely obvious 
Most of the time the moment

Goes by totally unnoticed 

Although so much is different 

Things tend to get clearer

And seen more objectively

After the bias of old labels

Have faded over the years

Unable to withstand further

What was tolerated before

In large portions of belittling

And extremes of undermining 

Having overlooked the signs 

So obvious in hindsight

That were quickly forgiven 

While the pain still shocked 

There were doors slammed 

Locking out tear stained faces

Which could never be reopened

Since sealed with grievances

So much had been tolerated

Under the guise of acceptance 

That no foreseen farewell

Could have been imagined

But when the last straw falls

On the proverbial camels back

Even the oldest and best of them 

Will unravel into unfriendliness

There are no explanations 

Or necessary justification 

To use the scissors proffered 

To cut loose all binding ties
Ria 2017