She was rather concerned 
About what the risks were

And how selfish it seemed

Now having second thoughts 

Being hopeful was one thing

But then reality a whole other 

While questions were raised 

That fed multiple insecurities 

Awake at two in the morning 

Garroted by various scenarios 

Seeking to create controversy 

Or shed light on her ignorance 

The situation was not perfect 

Just like any other peculiarity

Still it wasn’t as highly toxic

According to her measurements 

Chances were that eventually 

All her fears were unfounded 

And that every supposition 

Was a result of over thinking 

She tried to pay keen attention 

In case it was actually her intuition 

Present and being practical 

In facing the particular situation 

With all that would be changed 

The issues remained the same

She lay awake alone reconsidering 

On just one too many what ifs 
Ria 2017