​From Beneath 
Behind the facade
Of ways and words

Where the fallacy began

To melt away completely 

Reality had settled in

Nothing of consequence 

Would elevate itself above

To obscure what lay beyond

Areas so totally corroded

They had to fall apart

What had taken form there

Was new in every dimension

Having sharpened into shapes 

Which had smoother edges

Than anything that preceded 

Created initially from thoughts

Of such exquisite standards

To produce the most pristine

And equally amicable results

In fact better than expected

While what it was that fell asunder

The strong replacing foundation 

Though somewhat controversial 

Heralded the utter magnificence 

Of what protruded from beneath

Swept away by gusts of time 

And rearranging in every sway

Ways and words renovated

To welcome invited renewal

Starting from the inside out
Ria 2017