​The Best Part
Another beautiful sunset

And this little getaway

Was a well deserved luxury

It was not really planned

But happened by chance

Due to their new romance

Dinner for two on the terrace 

In the late evening by candle light

Was for both of them a delight

Rose petals on white table linen

And a three course vegan meal

The coconut cream desert was ideal

They were long past their youth

Neither had dated in a while

Causing many nervous smiles

When the meal was over

They walked on the soft sand

Out on the beach he held her hand

They were both nervous 

While he looked into her eyes

Starting the best part of his life

Holding her gently in his arms

He sealed his forever promise

In their first passionate kiss

Returning to the bungalow

Where they slowly undress

Enjoying the others tender caress

Their bond was indelible 

When they finally left the resort 

Since each now had the others heart
Ria 2017