Being Worthy 
Injecting the substance 
Directly into the arteries

Had a similar effect

To healing just partially

The burning continued 

And caused a sensation 

Of searing heat rising

With deeper penetration 

It would flow deeply

Causing surface swelling 

Which mimicked the likeness 

Of confined external healing

The needles were dirty

Bloodstained reused syringes

That were collected after

Filthy dragon chasing binges

None of the therapy sessions

Had ever seemed to work 

At the end of each episode 

Left feeling like less than dirt 

Coming clean took much more 

Than was considered possible

Until what life began reflecting 

Became utterly unbearable

The final journey downward

Luckily did not end in a grave

But coming to the realization 

Of being worthy of being saved

Rising from the scattered rubble

Had never been an easy feat

This final time would materialize 

No possible room for defeat
Ria 2017