​In Her Heart
She could barely express

While consumed by grief

A wife, mother now widow

Left bereft and in disbelief 

When the tears come 

She let them just flow 

What was to be said

She really didn’t know

The sorrow is contagious 

She sees it in her child’s face

They cling closer daily

To be each other for solace

The pain rips through her

Settling always in her heart

She can’t speak of it at all

And not feel like falling apart

It feels like she’s dreaming

And unable to wake up

Drowning in an anguish

As thick as boiling syrup

It was just such confusion 

Being trapped in the  surreal

A thicket of thorns encased her

Making it so hard to breathe 

After the funeral ended

And the repast was over

She put her child to bed

Then took a long shower

Her husband of 16 years 

Was now resting in peace 

While she stared at the ceiling 

Knowing she’d get no sleep

He was her best friend

Lover, partner and confidant 

Gone forever from her life

But remain eternally in her heart
Ria 2017