​The Talk
None of it was adding up
Still trying to figure out 

What had gone wrong

She ate the ice from her cup

He had left the table

With no explanation 

And it was very awkward 

And silent and uncomfortable 

There was no confrontation 

But they both could feel

The build up of tension

Yet not initiate conversation 

Her mind was on its mission

To find all the facts first

And then address the issues 

Without jumping to conclusions 

That entire night in bed

They both lay awake silently

Playing out different scenarios 

That their imaginations fed

After his usual morning walk

He went straight to the shower

And she followed him in there

That is where they started the talk

He said he was ready for a child 

But had not been sure for a while

That they were on the same page 

With their taxing work and lifestyle 

She was ever so relieved

Since she had been waiting 

And dreaming and longing

For the child they would conceive 

Now that it was decided 

She joined him in the shower 

And lost themselves in intimacy 

While all the tension subsided
Ria 2017