​A Source Of Delight

On the exposed surface
Between the layer of skin

And the juice filled pulp

Was the sweetest nectar

The initial taste of it

Was so addictive at first 

That to latch on and suckle 

Was a natural reaction 

Stain would drain out

Sticky on eager lips

Requiring an oily substance 

To have it removed by rubbing 

Jaw lines would tingle

As the mixture of both

Sweet juice and tangy stain

Became tart on the tongue

Yet there was no possible way

After the salivating began

To resist complete indulgence

So overwhelming in each season

Derived from trees or vines

Or emerging from leafy plants

To satisfy nutritional needs

Always a source of delight

For fiber juice texture and taste

As well as their pleasant aroma

I’ve found in them a wealth of joy

Fruits of every size shape and color
Ria 2017