​The Dawn Of Chaos
The sound of large wings
Flapping across darken skies

Brought tears to their eyes

What could be done now

With this return of terror

Due to one obstinate error

Tales told in hushed tones

Had passed for generations 

About this very fear’s origination

The elders could tell immediately 

That much more dread would spawn

Before the horrific break of dawn

There was a longstanding pact

Which kept this for years at bay

Until this dreadful coming day 

But young kings always feel

That to honor old agreements 

Demands too much sacrament

Yet the people would be taxed

As what was cutting through the skies

Was fearful prelude to pained cries

They would have been more prepared

Had they known the charming young king

Could have done such an obstinate thing

But all the underground passages

Were sealed off decades before

And the panic shed light on that error

There would be bloodshed

And much loss of life in the morning 

As this trepidation was a warning 

The young regent had ordered

That trees be taken from the forest

To construct a brand new palace

And was warned by the elders 

That it had been a bad idea 

To decimate the old sacred area

But the arrogance of youth

Ignored their words of caution

Blinded by selfish ambition

The sun rose with the chaos

As the fires and pillaging began

Not many survived the angry dragons

And the few who lived to tell this tale

Did not suffer the victimisation 

Of an individual’s selfish decisions 
Ria 2017