Rolling out of bed again 

Reluctant to start the day

Going through the motions 

In the same familiar way

Heading off to the factory

In the worn out uniform

To undertake the drudgery

Which had become the norm

Never much of a gambler

But decided to take a chance

Since being a such a coward 

Hadn’t changed the circumstance

Using the ticket as a bookmark

At the end of the commute daily

The week went on as normal

And was rather average really

At last on Friday evening 

Collecting the meager salary

Then subtracted all expenses

And could scarcely afford groceries 

On Saturday night alone at home

Having the usual TV dinner

They numbers on the ticket 

Where announced as the winner

This meant life would change

And never be ordinary again 

Since with lottery millions

A brand new chapter begins
Ria 2017 (Mar 24)
Written in response to the Daily Post Prompt – Ordinary

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