He was wide awake

And sure he wasn’t dreaming 

He walked slowly into the room

Naked and smiling she greet him

He had been courting her 

But it hadn’t been that long

So he had his suspicions

That something was wrong

He walked towards the bed

And was about to undress

But it plagued his mind

That nothing felt right with this

Why would she throw at him

When they had agreed to wait 

And invited him to come over

Laying there like fresh bait

She said she was ready

But he brought her a robe

And covering her nudity

Initiating a verbal probe

What he then garnered

From their conversation 

Is she felt that giving her body

Would guarantee his dedication 

He explained that his desire

Was to consummate with his wife

To whom he would be committed 

For the rest of his natural life

There was no need to rush

Into the sex and physical aspects

Since their union was founded

On mutual love and respect 
Ria 2017