​The Surface 
Tired from treading water

Her face barely broke the surface 

But she still managed to breathe

Even as the tides rose and fell

She’d fallen into the deep 

And sunk so low in the dark

At first heading the wrong way

Turning because it didn’t feel like up

Gasping for air and flailing around

Her lungs would have collapsed 

Had she not changed direction

Towards a source of oxygen

It seemed like a moonless night 

No lights ashore in the distance 

Looking up at the multitude of stars

And deciding in that moment to survive 

The water was not all that cold

And no obvious predators threatened

Floating on her back to rest a while

Since the waters were still calm

When the waves started getting bigger

She resorted to treading water again

With the hope that the sun would rise

Before exhaustion totally took over

In the darkness before dawn

She had felt the most alone

And realized there was no one

Who would come to rescue her

When the sun broke the horizon 

She saw an island in the expanse

Although weakened swam towards it

And whatever her future held

She could not judge the distance 

Or foresee any dangers ahead

Yet she was being propelled

And energized by gratefulness
Ria 2017