One winding road

Had brought him here

After all this time

Through stressful years

He had in mind

Yet another plan

And enough courage 

Was still at hand

Having long decided

To not be defeated

With just so much

Left to be completed 

The thing with trials

He’d always known

Is that they come and go

With continued growth

His life had many

Twists and abrupt turns

Which he took bravely 

And kept moving on

He could always find

A reason to be grateful 

And during the worst times 

Focus on positive potential 

He’d nearly lost it all

Except for his mind

And always maintained 

A propensity to be kind

Now the path traversed 

Led to this intersection 

With all else being equal

He’d had enough preparation 

Though the way he chose

To onlookers seemed selfish 

For once he’d be acting

In his own best interest
Ria 2017