​Date Night
Just as the rain began

She wanted to leave 

But getting wet in it

Would ruin her new weave

She had lost her umbrella 

Only a few days before

It had been so sunny lately

That it wasn’t used anymore

Now when she had finally

Gotten a lovely date planned

She wouldn’t allow the rain

To ruin her preparation 

Not intending to be late

A plastic bag over her hair

She hurried into a taxi

In makeshift protective gear

Running into her house

Her clothes got a bit wet

But her hair was still dry

So she head to the closet 

It wasn’t their first date

So she needed a nice dress

One that would be sexy

Yet not seem desperate 

Laying out three options

She went to take a shower

And leisurely cleaned herself

Since she still had a few hours

Refreshed and wrapped in a towel

She chose which dress to wear

Did her makeup, match accessories 

And her anxiety began to disappear 

She arrived at the restaurant 

More than twenty minutes early

Soft curls, and the black dress 

Had her feeling rather girly

He met her at the cocktail bar

And was not one second late

Smiling he took her to their table

And calmly pulled out her seat

They ordered dinner and chatted

Keeping the conversation light

After dessert he gave her a gift

And a kiss that just felt right

He told her how proud he was

That she was a part of his life

Looking so lovely on date night

After twelve years of being his wife. 
Ria 2017