​Written Remnants 
Carbon copies remained

After the originals were lost

And without a signature 

It was simply worthless 

The other documents 

Which were well preserved 

Had nothing of consequence 

To the matter being addressed 

Having passed intestate 

Leaving so much unfinished 

Was the worst part of it

Or apparently so it seemed

Until the little floral box

Tumbled to the floor

And the cover fell aside

Revealing it’s contents 

There was a pile of letters 

Tied together in a pink ribbon

On the top a neatly done bow 

Holding together aged envelopes

The letters were hand written

On pink and floral papers

And seemed the most alluring

To be read from the collection 

They spoke of a love affair

Which was brief but intense

Involving the loss of a child

And recorded the heartbreak 

There was only half the story

Missing the related responses 

Yet these beautiful written records 

We’re filled with profound expression 

Remnants of a brief period 

Long locked away with other things

That had been of great importance

But we’re all irrelevant right now

Serving only to reveal at present 

How little is known of loved ones 

Before they finally depart from us

And we seek that their will be done 
Ria 2017