​The Keyhole 
Groping in the darkness

Along the tall cold walls

Through narrow passages

That seemed endless

There were sharp turns 

Which sloped downwards

And the angles seemed 

To cause much confusion 

The space in some areas 

Seemed to broaden abruptly 

Creating hollow chambers

With multiple archways

Having lost track of time

With the effect of hunger 

In the silent inner bowels

Of this unknown place

But never ceased walking 

Hoping to find even

A single ray of light

Somewhere up ahead

Feeling despondent now

But refusing to stop

Even though the walls 

Began to narrow again

Touching both shoulders

In its tightest space

As exhaustion set in

The slope began to rise

Crawling on hands and knees 

To a rather abrupt upper level

Where the space broadened

And a dim light crept in

Hurrying towards the source

Which turned out to be

A rather large keyhole

In a short wooden door 

Peeping through the hole

Didn’t reveal anything 

As the light was too bright

To decipher the other space

And finding the doorknob 

Opening the door slowly 

What was seen caused a scream

And awakening from the dream
Ria 2017