The abandoned self

Left for the elements

To slowly deteriorate

In its natural processes 

Wind blown emotions

Rising dusty memories

Rustling through hope

Withered and dried out

Should it be noticed

Before the roots die

All that is required then

Is the desire to save it

On which actions taken 

Will lead back to the route

Through the  rediscovery 

Of many forgotten parts

It will take much effort

And relentless dedication 

To revitalize and nurture

What had been forsaken 

When it has been rescued 

The effect of the neglect 

Is reversed with attention 

To all its special aspects

Finding its best areas

And refurbishing all those 

That declined while sidelined

Strengthening their basal truth

It is a worthwhile recovery

From the inevitable emptiness 

Which is so undeserving 

After having deserted the self
Ria 2017