The Groundwork 
Opening up was hard

Like rusty old cases

Filled over the years

In very dark places

What was inside them

Were pieces of a past

Which really needed

To be discarded at last

It was the first step 

To make room to grow

Without holding yesterdays

Remnants of loss and sorrow

The old baggage now gone

While the space it occupied

Having been cleared of dust

Is fresh and filled with light

Wanting nothing more

To impede their progress

Emotional luggage removed 

Leaves no reason to digress

They forged ahead cautiously

Crossing upcoming hurdles

Focusing on contingencies 

And were realistic with issues

Tears shed had dried up

Replaced by hopeful smiles

And candid conversations

About having their first child

Since riding themselves

Of outdated perceptions 

The groundwork put in place

For the impending conception
Ria 2017