​Journey To Become
She was just trying 

To be brave enough 

And start over again

But it had been rough 

Her very first instinct 

Was to protect herself

And guide the development 

That would make a difference 

Still during the agony 

Of a retrospective review 

The nightmares that came

Taught her something new

That it was not possible 

Regardless of being caring

To avoid another’s pitfalls

On the path she’d been enabling 

It would take all her courage 

Yet it’s better late than never

Giving herself no option now

Beyond success at this endeavor

It took her many years

Of selfless choices to see

That it was just dead ends

Pursuing other people’s dreams

Appearing somewhat selfish

When her choices had changed

But there was nothing left to give

All her resources were drained

It had been a tough journey 

To become so resolute

Focused on her goals for once

Undaunted in personal pursuits
Ria 2017