Faith In The Process
The grass wasn’t greener

In fact it was dry in places

And we’ll withered in others 

This hadn’t been expected

Great were the days before 

When in the concrete jungle 

The cold hard pavement 

Gave solid meaning things

Now the constant  worry

Was if no rain should fall

What would supply water 

To contribute to the lushness

Arid parched unkempt acres

With no relief anywhere in sight 

Spread out for many miles

And not a rain cloud had past

The preparation soon began

Few days before the full moon

For the proper rituals to be done

And the torrents as expected 

There was much confidence 

Among the children and elders

But the adolescent had doubts

Like most recent city dwellers 

When the dry wood was erected

The elders advised all around

To design a like space in their heart 

Where hope could be ignited 

The first night of the full moon 

With the central bonfire bright

Drums played ancient rhythms

Tapping into the unified presence

After three nights of ceremony 

On the evening of the fourth 

The skies began to darken

And the light drizzle began

For their little faith in the process

Many warriors were embarrassed 

When the rains began to pour

While all celebrated its coming

The bonfire was washed out

In the showers that heralded

The start of the monsoon season 

Bringing back green fertile lands 

Those who arrived after the harvest

When the lands looked barren 

While sharing in the reaped bounty

We’re introduced to its origins

Where all energy was directed

Assured by unified confidence

That the present was temporary 

And desired change was assured

Tough urban life now distant 

Since the bonfire had ignited

And renewed the fortitude 

Of those doubtful of the cycles 

The monsoon rains were prelude

To the spring and replanting

Sure to return like the warming sun

As it had for so many generations 
Ria 2017