Good Riddance 
Handing her the cup

He rose from his desk

Pushing past her roughly

Grumbling he’d had enough

She placed it in the sink

Staring at the water

Her eyes welled with tears

She could hardly think

He stood by the window

While she washed the cup

Thinking this wasn’t the first

Of such disparaging innuendos

As she dressed for work

She thought of his words

And how often they stung

With questions to her worth

She had always been kind

And thoughtful of his needs

So the reason for his anger

Was not clear at that time

She saw the handwritten note

When she finally got home

Feeling the good riddance

He’d left saying he couldn’t cope

Surprisingly she felt relieved

The apartment seemed light

Spacious and clean and free

More than could’ve perceived 

He had taken all his things 

And in the note he left behind

Said she had wasted his time 

But it had given her wings

She’d taken the mental abuse

Unwittingly for five years

But he couldn’t break her down

Unlike the others she’d refused

He did mention his ex wife

Had ended up in an asylum

And was grateful he’d left

Before also ruining her life. 
Ria 2017