​Love Overrated 
Later that evening 

When he saw her

Having come back

Thinking she’d recover

The marks on her neck

And bruises on her face 

Had him wondering why

He’d returned to this place

The sight of her again

Was making him recall

How much his angry rages

Had always been her fault 

Whatever she had gotten 

Was what she deserved

And if she was feisty again

He had more on reserve 

She just never listened 

And that was aggravating 

Claiming to love him

When love was overrated 

She had not moved

Or even looked at him

But faced the window 

Since he’d walked in

Feeling ignored again

He gave her back a thump

Her body fell to the floor

In a stiff hardened lump

That’s when he realized 

Just what he had done 

Paralyzed by fear 

He could not even run

He called his father’s phone

Saying his wife was dead

Then waited on him to come

But he sent the police instead

He never once thought 

That it would end this way

And blamed her daily

For being locked away
Ria 2017