Ria (KOKO) on vacation in Texas… 😀
Positive Reinforcement 
I’ve come up with a detailed plan

Of what happens after this vacation

It will require every ounce of energy 

To proceed towards my destination 

It means that there will be letting go

Of things and people and places

And not allowing myself to be haunted 

By the results of others choices

There’s also a contingency plan

That has always been necessary 

And minor tweaks along the way

To keep things contemporary 

It doesn’t matter what others think 

As long as I don’t procrastinate 

Since so far that has not worked out

In any way to reconcile my fate

The hardest part so far has been

Coming to terms with my role

After all these years of survival 

Without accomplishing my goals

One thing I’m intent on getting done

Is focusing my energy on myself now

It’s been aimed so long at external things

That I’ve abandoned my desires somehow 

In all the living for other people

I’ve pushed myself aside

But this is the time I’m claiming 

To find the will to be energize 

Now what I have planned is private

And cannot be shared in this poem

But I welcome all well wishes 

And positive reinforcement at this time. 
Ria 2017