What Was Forsaken 
Prying it apart enough

To open up those areas 

That never got tended 

As they so well deserve

It seemed as though

The corrosion had built up

On the lock and hinges 

Making it more difficult 

Still with all the effort

It was hard at first

Until the force applied

Eased it open slowly

The contents preserved

Seemed to have survived 

The extreme conditions 

Though not in entirety 

But it was sufficient 

For things to sprout anew 

While locked in darkness 

Over an extended period 

Becoming now complex 

Though not as fragile anymore 

Gaining a delicate fragrance 

More full bodied while encased

It is quiet an endeavor 

Which must be undertaken 

Least all is lost in time

Amongst what was forsaken. 
Ria 2017