The Descent 
Fearing she would fall,

He eased her from the ledge

And held her as she gasped,

As though just resurfacing.

She knew that such flight

Would not lead to their paradise,

And that it was risky to try it

But she longed for an escape.

Just to open her arms, levitate, 

And be totally whisked away 

In that wind which often leads

The courageous to brighter days.

She relaxed against his chest

Breathing slowing to a calm,

He gently caresses her back

Feeling secure in this embrace.

The bravest thing she ever did 

Was to trust the stability, 

And be grounded in Terra firma 

To which he anchored her.

Latched together like this,

Their heartbeat in unison,

She realized why he’d come

And how he was always there.

The descent which she felt

Was necessary to be taken

Would have robbed her of life

And the love they had to share. 
Ria 2017