​The Impact Of Revelations 
She had been honest,

And told him the truth

Which she had thought

He deserved to hear. 

He seemed pleased then,

That she was so brave

And very thoughtful 

For being so forthcoming.

But as time passed,

Her words were haunting,

And that’s what initiated 

The crack in the veneer.

He’d always been idealistic,

And what she revealed 

Rose questions in himself 

Which were rather unnerving.

He could see past this

And mend the minor fracture,

Since what he withheld 

Could cause a wider divide.

What he could not decide

Was what was worst for him,

With virtually no difference 

In the impact of revelations.

She’d always been forgiving,

Allowing him to freely express,

Still he clearly wasn’t ready

With what he had kept hidden.

Sometimes things will mend

He concluded by himself,

And time seals the little cracks

Along loves most crooked lines.

Having some more courage,

With their propensity to love,

Would outweigh all the caution

And break only fresh new ground.
Ria 2016