Exposing The Underside

He couldn’t really say

That he knew anything,

Between her shouting,

Before she stormed out.

Not one word escaped him,

Though his heart was full

Of all that could be said

That would be influencial.

Why should she listen

To even the first word,

Nothing could be spoken

That would matter much.

After she stormed out,

He took a seat on the step

And retraced in his mind

The preceding events.

Thinking it all through,

If she had loved him, 

She would have listened,

Giving him a chance to speak.

Where had it gone wrong,

How did they come to this,

After exposing the underside

Of their mutual tenderness.

Now with the borders blurred

Between adoration, honor,

And their value, and their union,

Silence claimed the open space.

In her absence he slept,

And woke to his loneliness

Realizing no one was right

And it was best that she left.

Ria 2016