The Years Void

After the white wedding gown

And painted picket fencing,

She’d never had guessed at all

That’s where the love ended.

She’d told him of her dreams

And he said all the right things,

While knowing her every desire

Hung on his empty promises.

It was almost four months

And she’d barely been a wife,

She’d gained the title but lost

Sight of purpose in her life. 

Thought assuring her that

He’d never leave her alone,

He rarely spent time with her

As the months meandered on.

The time slipped by quickly

A year soon turned to two,

Outside of a well kept home

There was no progress to show.

When two years turned to four

She’d shed most of herself,

Leaving very little trace

Of her former exuberance.

The years seem set on repeat

With the banquets, balls,

Cocktail parties, and dinners,

And openings and galas.

An annual calender of events

Where she was prepared specially

By a stylist to be by his side

At each function like arm candy

The days which passed before

She ran away that night, 

There had been no consternation

About leaving it all behind.

No portion of opulence

He provided could ever suffice,

For the years void of love

And the self she sacrificed.

Ria 2016