The Spell Of Dreams

The moment he woke up

He knew what he had to do.

It would not be easy

But that was the least

Of the roadblocks he’d face.

Like with all his dreams,

Difficulties were a given

And had long been accepted

As part of the process,

But he’d always overcome them.

What he needed was courage.

Writing down what he recalled,

And seeing the words spelled out

Giving him clear directives,

Compelled him to be brave.

He read it through a few times,

And saw how more than before

The evidence of trusting himself

Rest on the very same things

That he’d feared would be revealed.

It didn’t matter in that moment

If it was not the expected.

There were things he’d written

That had to be executed directly

Outside his comfort zone.
This would again test his mettle

Like nothing he faced before.

Thinking through his action plan,

He knew there was no option

But to face destiny like a man.

After going through the motions

The processes were set in place,

And he’d been given no choice

Than to grab fate by the collar

While under the spell of dreams.

Ria 2016