A Sight For Sore Eyes

The pain was mostly

Behind his eye sockets

And it felt as though

If he opened his eyes

Even just a little while

They might both fall out

For two days now alone

In his darkened flat

Every window was covered

With whatever he found

To block out all the light

Trying to force its way in

The doctor had denied

It was severe migraines

And the specialist did tests

That showed no tumors

Still the intense agony

Recurred unexplained

When the attack passed

And exhaustion set in

The rest he’d been denied

Pins him down in slumber

Until he is reinvigorated

Enough to rise again

After one such episode

Fresh out of hibernation

He stopped in the park

Having tea from his thermos

Wondering what he’d missed

In the beautiful days that passed

Looking up from his tea cup

He saw her sit on a blanket

Put down her bag deliberately 

Retrieve a worn out notebook

And proceed to stare up

At the fluffy passing clouds

Then she began to write

Focused solely on her words

He had the last of the tea

Looking her way occasionally

With her head held down

And pen gliding across her page

He began day dreaming

Of who he imagined her to be

Creating scenarios in his mind

And sometimes looked at her

Longing to make it all real

Until he recalled his affliction

While covering his thermos tight

And positioned it in his bag

He was too distracted to notice

That she was approaching him

She smiled, handed him a note

Then continued walking

It read:

“Somewhere deep inside you

Is the source of your strength

Which glows rather beautifully.

While you sit in the sunlight

Unaware of being observed

It’s reflected magnificently. 

I could feel you connect today

Even if only curious of me

Thank you for sharing your energy. 

Live Love. -B”

He felt himself blushing

Smiling, looking up, she was gone

The next week she was back again

That is how their life together began

With her smile, a sight for sore eyes

And words that stole his heart
Ria 2016