A Taste Of Something

Ever so often lately,

Life gave off an aftertaste

Which was hard to discribe,

Between tart and citrus.

And with it, this tight feeling

Spreads through his jawbone,

As saliva sprang from his tongue

Forming a little lake beneath it.

Swallowing hard right after

Helped to remove the liquid,

But the gum still prickles

Forcing him to clench his teeth.

His throats holes felt 

Like they were closing up.

Air thought his open mouth 

Forces its way so he can breath.

The feeling faded slowly

But the aftertaste remained.

And the smell of tangerine

Continuously assault his nostrils.

Though it could have been 

The zest or rind of lemons,

Depending on his location

And the angle of his perspective. 

Twenty seven years ago

When he was sure he knew it all,

He would’ve been able to confirm

Exactly what was going on with him.

But it was not that way these days.

He wasn’t sure of many things,

Still there was no reason to complain

When life gave him a taste of something.

Ria 2016