He crumpled it up angrily

And tossed it at the bin,

Missed the target by a mile,

Then went to pick it up again.

She never stopped him.

He walked away slowly,

Turns, shoots and scores.

Landing like a broken heart

Right in the trash this time.

Staring at her, he smiles.

She looks up at him,

The smile is fading slowly,

She awaits his next move

But he continues to stare,

So they both just stand there.

What a fool he had been,

To consider her both naive

And another part of his facade,

Who’d keep up appearances

Under the circumstances.

Those papers were rubbish,

He would never divorce her.

And almost let that slip,

Feeling so angry this time

When she asked him to sign.

She would maintain her role

And with it her affluent life.

Or he would have her vanish

Like his first wife, never found,

Assumed to have accidentally drowned.

What was it with these women?

His father had warned him.

This was the second one now

Who just didn’t understand

How to let her man be a man.

She had every earthly desire,

All that he really needed

Was for her to play her part.

He headed home still vex

Sure of exactly what to do next.

He screwed on the silencer

Then entered the kitchen casually,

Heading to the master bedroom 

With the intention to murder.

Surprisingly, he could not find her.

Walking back down the passage,

He heard a sound at the back door

And headed towards it quietly.

Seeing her, he opened his mouth,

That was when three shots rang out.

On the phone she was crying,

Saying she shot an intruder in the dark

And needed immediate assistance,

He lay by the back door listening

To her frightened pleading.

He’s drowning in his blood,

Gun in hand, and couldn’t move.

He hears her hang up the phone,

Laughs a little then said softly,

“No husband ever outsmarted me”.
Ria 2016