Mrs. Small & I

While I laid in the hospital

Thinking of killing that old lady,

I was brought back to the beginning

Of this whole sordid story.

It was only a few days

After my 16th birthday,

That I was to learn

I was being given away.

I remember coming home

To a grand housecleaning,

It seemed odd at the time

But my help was needed.

Floors were being scrubbed,

Windows required shining

So I did what was asked 

Without knowing the reason.

Raking leaves the next morning

I stopped to rest on the porch,

Thinking there was still some time

Before the sun began to scorch.

I finished my morning chores,

And considered myself free

To go find my friends as usual

Waiting under the mango tree.

When I was ready to leave

Mommy called me to her room,

And asked me not to go too far

As her cousin was arriving soon.

I found a few of my friends

Where they were expected to be.

Not long after a few mangoes,

Mommy sent my sister to get me.

Her cousin had just arrived,

I noticed mommy’s nervous smile,

She introduced her as Mrs. Small

Who I’d be staying with for a while.

My bags were all packed and ready,

Everyone seemed to know but me.

As much as I felt deceived by them

I still did not want to leave.

I never said goodbye to anyone

Thinking I’d be right back,

Home with my four sisters

Within a week or two max.

Mommy never came to visit,

Mrs. Small was never kind,

It took me two whole years

To accept this in my mind.

Mrs. Small never did for me

The things she promised mommy,

No loving care, no school, no skill,

Just the yard boy she called dummy.

The first time I realized my gift

Was by trying to seduce the helper,

Who quickly got too attached

So I subtly rid myself of her.

Twice a week at least I met

With the grocers lovely wife,

When it became a tryst

She never did put up any fight.

Soon more ladies in the district

Made up reasons for my company,

I did not mind getting popular

Since I was paid handsomely.

The word of my activities

Reached Mrs. Small in church,

And she took a few days to decide

From which angle she’d approach.

She sent me on an errand 

To deliver a package to her friend,

Whom I had never heard of

In my four years there until then.

Her friend was young and pretty,

And wasted no time getting to the point.

She was direct and explicit,

I obliged to give her what she want.

Her husband came in quietly,

Two shots rang out and I just ran,

Not realizing in my hurry

That I was a wounded man.

I made it to the hospital naked

Where I promptly fainted from shock,

And been awake now a few hours

Realizing Mrs. Small had set me up.
Ria 2016