Pleasant Distractions

This was not the first time

He had enjoyed this service,

And he’d become familiar

But still felt a bit nervous.

He had enough experience,

And got great satisfaction

From the feather light touches,

And other pleasant distractions.

Like all the others he too

Tipped extra for paying premium,

Amounting to a small cost

For taking the scenic route home.

Watching the sun set by a bar,

Drinking cold coconut rum,

And then to indulge the activities

Of one of the oldest professions.

She had a private bungalow

Neat, clean, and by the beach.

As the waves caressed the shore

She skillfully earned her fees.

Whenever the urge arose in him,

For a few moments, occasionally,

The fragile stings of intimacy

Were strum by fleeting fantasies.

A master at her particular craft, 

She knew how to oblige a man,

And he delighted in every instant

In ways only he could understand.
Ria 2016