Fragments & Fuel

Torn apart to scraps,

And scattered in the wind

Is the last she could recall,

While scouting around

Gathering pieces of her heart.

After it had been mended,

Put back in its rightful place

And given time to heal,

Some memories returned

To clarify painful transitions.

The scars were as much

Symbols of her survival, 

As they were solid proof

If only for her at least,

That she had persevered.

Her heart took a beating,

Yet all the pieces reconnected

In the most amazing ways.

And beautiful things joined,

Reeinforcing certain places.

New surfaces emerged

To interlace her matrix,

And every single fragment

Found its rightful place

Where each did belong.

The best pieces of her

After enduring life’s worst, 

Strengthened all other parts,

And fueled the courage 

To risk loving life gain.

Ria 2016