Many Temptations

With the cool sand underfoot,

He walked the 3 mile beach

And stopped to rest and soak

In the foamy shallow surf.

She sat by the private pool

In the nude and her sun hat, 

Considering a few laps

Before the masseur arrived.

If he had taken a taxi cab

It would cost him too much.

He could afford the cash price

But not irreplaceable beach time.

The sun hat blew from the table,

While she floated around

To keep cool and awake

And acually enjoy the wait.

His daily walks down the beach

Served a multitude of purposes.

Plus he was never late or wet

On arriving at any appointments.

She opened the door in her robe,

Then walks to the massage table 

Undress, lay down, and waited

For her tension to be rubbed away.

He washes his hands, lit incense,

And oiled her skin liberally,

Working his way along a path

With which he was familiar.

She moaned, and sighed,

And was barely conscious,

As every bit of stress in her

Released from where it clung.

His method was tried and true

And he enjoyed the compensation,

Still he was careful not to fall

For any of the many temptations.
Ria 2016