The easy way out

Is what he’d been seeking

Where the least conflict

Would actually reach him.

But every way he tried

Was already barred off,

And would require a fight,

No getting out untouched.

So it was head on crash

When he charged that way,

And slammed right into

What he avoided for years.

When he hung up the phone

On the one call allowed,

He went back to the cell

And desperation followed.

Suicide was never an option,

He knew his capable lawyer

Could’ve had him out on bail

Soon if it were at all possible.

There was no simple escape,

This began an end for him

That couldn’t right the wrongs

Hidden from the beginning.

Too many entanglements

To be revealed in testimony,

And the very confessions

Would be his undoing finally.

Incarceration would be sure,

He preferred the comfort offered

By those kind nurses and doctors

On a psychiatric hospital ward.

At the end with all exposed

By then he’d receive the labels

To avoid doing hard time.

Not a way out, but easy enough.
Ria 2016