The Hallmark Of A Parting

When it rained like this,

He remembered the aroma

Of her peppermint leaf tea.

And how she’d go outside

To pick some rose petals,

Coming back soaking wet.

Rinsing her hair in rosewater,

Wrapping it in a warm towel,

Smelling so sweet when it dried.

It had been this one thing

That brought her back vividly 

In the details he could recall.

She was getting married,

And had sent him an invitation,

Arousing memorable emotions.

He forgot how many years ago

They had that talk he instigated,

Saying it was him and not her.

The hurt look in her eyes

Was the hallmark of a parting,

Still they were civil at least.

Her wedding was tasteful,

As she walked up the isle

Tears began to sting his eyes.

Half way through the nuptials

He left for home unnoticed,

Feeling somewhat despondent.

He poured himself some vodka,

But drank from the bottle

To drown his sorrows faster.

Sitting by his window thinking,

Feeling the sadness of endings

Intermingled with regret.

Reflecting from the glass pane,

The hurt look in his eyes

Had been long overdue.

Ria 2016